x = independently organized TED event.
2015 Date - 5/19/2015
2014 Event Recap Video
Genius is our birthright and mediocrity is self-imposed
John Nosta @2014 TEDxBedminster
H'ordeuvres & Beverages Provided
How great leaders inspire action
Simon Sinek Showed @2014 Event
Idiot lights, prevention and the Human API
Michael DePalma @2014 Event
Active & Embedded Networking
Changing Education Paradigms
Sir Ken Robinson Showed @2014 Event
Laugh, Think, Cry & be Inspired
Forget social networks, think social impact
Celine Schillinger @2014 Event

TEDx Event Team


Who we are

TEDxBedminster is assembled in association with TED by an independent set of thought leaders in a labor of love to bring and spread innovation, imagination and wonder to the Bedminster, NJ area.

What we do

As a team we curate and champion speakers, facilitate event logistics and guests, engage sponsors, and design and execute a compelling and memorable experience. Food and cocktails are provided as well.

Why we do it?

Hosting a TEDx event is a volunteer exercise. The events bring together leading thinkers, and brilliant guests to foster collaboration and wonder around the world’s biggest problems. What could be better?

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This year, we have selected nine speakers ranging in age, gender, race, geography and subject matter expertise.

May 19th, 2015 @1:00PM EST

Tickets are almost sold out, do not wait until the last minute.

Andrew Kalleen

Andrew Kalleen has been a musician all his life, his father starting him on piano as a child. He began playing guitar, singing, and writing songs in high school, then went on to a bachelor’s of music in composition at SFSU. After College, he moved to New York with the goal of creating art that was valued highly enough by his community that it would support him to continue making it. He found that goal realized, singing songs in the quieter late night hours of the subway.    

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This event will start promptly at 1:00pm EST. Guests are asked to arrive at noon in order to get acquainted and seated. Because we are recording, late entries will be denied.
Day 1
19 May 2015
Richie Etwaru

Welcoming & Introduction


VIDEO: TEDx Introduction


VIDEO: Jane McGonigal: Gaming can make a better world

Rawn Shah

Why can’t I work anywhere I want?

Dr. Janice Presser
Rolfe Carawan

The Sam Effect: How to Stay Up in Down Times

14:31 - 14:50

Intermission ONE


VIDEO: Sarah Bergbreiter: Why I make robots the size of a grain of rice

Aron Dutta

Surround Yourself With Innovators

Andrew Kalleen

Freedom Through Voice

Angela Ceberano

Be the Warrior not the Worrier

16:11 - 16:30




Craig Lipset

My Health Data Can Blow Away Your Clinical Trial

Alieta Eck, MD

How to Cure Bureaucracy

Glenn Zimmerman

Media v. Society: Can’t we all just get along?

Janet Carlson

Be the Change

18:11 - 20:30

Funky & Hip Networking Session

Event Location

Cegedim, Executive Briefing Center
1425 US-206 South, Bedminster Township, NJ 07921

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